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The Professional Kit (Complete)

Height: 37 inches
Width: 18 inches
Depth: 12 inches


Featuring 83 different products and 864 items, this well designed, mobile and lockable caddy is a must for the serious horse professional who mixes large numbers of horses and humans in the practice or competitive arena. Mixing large animals and people can result in injury to either or both. This kit is fully outfitted for the worst possible of scenarios, including a full set of inflatable air splints, Sam Splints and a Head Vise. Incidences from headache, to upset stomach, cuts, abrasions, burns, colic, strains, sprains, wounds, sunburn, insect stings & repellents are covered here for horse and human. This kit includes the great equine first aid book by Dr. Eleanor Kellon and a single head stethoscope, along with arm slings, two sizes of instant cold packs, a triangular bandage and a digital thermometer. The total answer to your emergency medical needs for riders, horses, handlers, staff and spectators: satisfy your insurance company’s requirements for medical supplies, and what may soon be required by OSHA.



EquiMedic USA
24681 Outback Trail
Hermosa, SD   57744

Phone: 605-255-4990
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