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Large Barn Kit First Aid Station Complete

Height: 29 inches
Width: 21 inches
Depth: 13 inches


The Large Barn First Aid Station is designed for horse owners and care takers who have a “herd” to tend. It is meant to provide the essential needs for at least eleven to eighteen horses and riders or handlers but will honestly care for quite a few more than that, depending upon the emergency. And there is plenty of product to take care of much of the after care for injured or sick horses. This kit pretty much has it all. There won’t be many features or products that you will find yourself in search of, or in want of. We’ve packed a lot more 3M Animal Care products in to this kit, a larger variety of liniments, poultices, ointments, dressings, bandages, and equipment to aid you in the first care, and after care of injuries and sickness. The products in this kit should help you sustain your injured or sick animal until your veterinarian can get there to diagnose and recommend a regimen of after care. You will love this mobile kit station itself. Made by Stanley, and featuring a retractable handle, heavy duty wheels and a locking feature, this emergency station will meet all of your needs and requirements. Once you have reached your destination with your mobile station, one quick lever release, and you slide the top units backwards to open and reveal the lower two sections in one swift, easy glide motion. The very top section has two latches which release the lid and reveal a handled lift out tray, with a deep main compartment below that. The mid section of the kit has compartmentalized sections, with removable dividers for customization. The bottom section is a very deep and sturdy box which houses many products and protects your bottles, jars, orals, larger bandaging materials and equipment. This kit will serve you for many years.



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