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Jill Moody Signature Series Blinged Small Trailering Kit Complete

Height: 10 inches
Width: 16 inches
Depth: 7 inches


Since we are a totally mobile society with our horses, where ever the challenge calls from, we load and go. Injury, sickness, or illness can ride with or near us at every turn of the trailer rig. You might be hours from the nearest equine practitioner, and certainly from your own specialist. A wound, soreness, stiffness, or going off of feed from the stress and wear of travel alone can cause the need for at least temporary emergency medical attention. EquiMedic USA has designed the Trailering Equine First Aid Kit that should meet most of your emergency needs while traveling down the road. In a strong red color of durable polyester fabric that will be easy to find any where in your trailer tack compartment, this kit can be hung or carried for ease and convenience when you need to use you medical supplies. A smaller version of the reliable EquiMedic Barn series, the Trailering series offers you a main zippered compartment, and several outside pockets to organize your medical supplies for ease of access and the peace of mind that you will find what you need when you need it. Inside of this well designed first aid kit you will find the medical supplies that you should need to tend to most emergency medical needs while traveling. Your EquiMedic Small Trailering Kit is sized to accommodate those extra supplies that you already own, or may wish to purchase on our web site, to supplement the standard kit inclusions. Make this kit what you need it to be so that it can service your temporary and emergent health care needs while you travel down the road to what ever your destination may be.



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