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Bullhide Straw Fashion Re: Enchanted


STRAW FASHION Run a Muck Straw Collection Material: TOYO STRAW / LINEN Brim: 3 3/4 in Color: Pecan Crown: 4 1/4 in Straw hats come in all shapes and sizes made from 100% natural fibers. Each hat body is handcrafted by expert artisans using natural straws. It takes over 3 years for the plant that provides this natural straw to reach full maturity. Bullhide hats have gained special recognition in the western market because of their superior finish, innovative style and exclusive trimmings. These qualities make Bullhide Hats unique. Our hats are allowed to air-dry.  Air drying our hats takes longer, but it allows the stiffener to cure uniformly and eliminates peeling and cracking. The sweatbands are individually fitted to each hat, to ensure the best fit and quality.



304 Indian Trace
Weston, FL   33326

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